Dr. Smoothie Brands Point of Sale


SELL QUALITY & BE ASSURED OF REPEAT CUSTOMERS - Making the first sale to your customer will be no problem because the smoothie will be new and people generally will want to try it. Generating repeat business will happen only by selling a very tasty smoothie. The only way to get this is with a high quality mixture. These drinks may cost more but what is more valuable?? Selling ONE drink at a higher margin; or, selling many repeat orders at a slightly lower margin?? Quality and taste keeps the customers coming back for more!!!!!!

DONíT BE FOOLED BY WATER DRINKS - Water based drinks are your slurpee type or granita style drinks. The taste profile is: watery, sugary with a slight background flavor or an added chemical to give a zingy flavor. These drinks are normally 1 part mixture with 4 or 5 parts water. Easy to see isnít it?? 4 or 5 parts water = a water drinkÖÖ The rest is normally sugar.

WATCH OUT AGAIN - Some companies are trying to fight this water drink perception by selling you a straight mixture that you do not dilute with water or you dilute slightly like 1 part mix to 1 part water. AGAIN, check the ingredients, they are probably just adding water to the mix!!! The bottom line is when you taste the finished product, is it full of natural fruit flavor or watery or too full of sugar?

DONíT BE FOOLED BY SUGAR DRINKS - Ultra sweet tasting smoothies can be purchased from some operators. These drinks are so sweet that you can get a headache or stomachache after drinking them. Worse yet, you feed them to your unsuspecting children thinking this will be a great health item for them. If you get a sugary smoothie you may end up with a wired child. Watch for too much sugar.

100% JUICE DRINKS - Some companies mix fruit purees and sell these drinks cold. These are not the smoothies you and I know. These drinks are fruit juice drinks with the fiber intact to make it thicker. With NO sugar added, these drinks taste flat and lifeless. Anyway, they are not a true smoothie, as a smoothie is a blended drink. Keep in mind that most 100% juice drinks are made with white grape juice concentrate. This is simply a marketing tool used to fool you into thinking you are getting the juice from the fruit that you are buying. Look at the next strawberry kiwi or other flavor "juice box" you drink. You will not see much of the actual juice that is mentioned on the label. (I.E. white grape will probably be first on the list)

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