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Most of the money made in the gold fields was not made by the miners but by those store owners who profited by selling everything they had in stock, whether the poor sap needed it or not. After spending six months in a half-frozen hell hole looking for pay dirt any good prospector will tell you that they would give you half of their gold if they just had good food to eat. Usually before embarking the prospector would load up with salt pork and beans and as long as his belly was full he felt that life was good. Little did he know that claim jumpers were nothing compared to scurvy, cholera or blinding bad liquor. If you earn your daily gold by the sweat of your brow, sick days do not pay too well. Grandma was right, your health is your wealth.

So what is a guy to do who is looking for a little healthy refreshment? Would you believe a delicious nutritious smoothie? Today’s smoothies have a customer perception of good clean fun for three reasons, fruits, fruit juices and nutritional supplements called blend-ins. The first two ingredients ring true to the old adage "an apple a day ...," the blend-ins turbocharge this notion with "fifteen apples a day , wow!!!" Across the country more than 50 different blend-ins are sold claiming to vitalize everything from your cardiovascular efficiency to your IQ. Some even swear they can make you a better lover! What they really do is provide an easy way to acquire a wide variety of nutritional powders and capsules containing everything from antioxidants to zinc. You get bee pollen to help fight fatigue and depression and as a natural antibiotic, ginseng for endurance, rejuvenation and detoxification, wheat germ for a rich supply of protein, carbohydrates and minerals & even antioxidants for preventing destructive action of free radicals (better known to prevent heart disease and cancer). Also acidophilus to aid in digestion and create an environment in which the body can synthesize many of its own B complex vitamins.

And what does the customer believe he or she is getting with this healthy brew of fruit and chemistry? The ability to leap tall buildings with a single bound, and more!!…... Oh, the miracles of marketing. The perception is greater than reality many times.

Getting the right quality product that will blend well in a smoothie is no easy task. Many of the nutrients may give the smoothie an off flavor or distort the color to make it look like lawn clippings in a mud puddle. Finding the right ones is also not just a matter of what cost less. A good product should be able to be obtained for between 3 and 8 cents per serving. That’s a great mark up when you think that they did not have to come around the Horn.

Most smoothie operators give one or two free add ins with each drink and charge up to 50 cents extra for anything else they may add in. The mark up sounds almost like the 7 to 10 times cost charged by many of the Multi Level Companies. If the prices charged would come in line with normal mark-ups such as what regular food cost are there could be a big jump in sales. (Dr. Smoothie recommends 25 to 35 cents)

The other aspect is that if a smoothie operator would charge about the same retail rate for blend ins as that charged by a health food store there would be a tremendous shift from customers purchasing 100 count capsules in bottles to taking them daily through a smoothie. Pills and Powders is a big business and Smoothie operations have the opportunity of taking advantage of all of the advertisements that have built up the health food industry.

Education also creates demand. Remember that people will be happy just to drink their smoothie unless they feel they are missing out on something. The movement in California to add in blend ins to smoothies is becoming pandemic.

We know the customer is interested in personal fitness and enamored with their wonderful physique and totally concerned with their personal health, right?....wrong! They want the product to taste good and if does not taste good they will drink something else. This is true most of time, but like the rye whisky drunk by the prospectors it is the end result that counts the most. Instead of a stupor and hang over a good healthy smoothie with the right additives can enhance the overall welling being and feeling of the customer.

When the nutritional profiles are run on many of the base smoothies today we have found out that they are poor at best. The perception of health is not substantiated with actual figures. Companies such as Subway with a commitment to bring better healthy fast foods into the market have entered into the Smoothie business with the goal of providing its customers with a genuine healthy drink. They have committed to drinks that contain no artificial colorings, artificial flavorings and artificial preservatives. This is not an easy task to perform while maintaining acceptable food costs. To add to the quality of their products they have determined it is important to raise both the fiber and nutritional levels of their drinks. The customer does not even know that they are getting more for their money, but the corporate policy to provide the best has been upheld. Even Subway has selected a variety of additional blend ins to add to their already healthy products. This what the customers want.

Can we talk cost? First of all, there are no free blend-ins, either for the customer or the owner. The customer just does not realize that he’s paying for the blend-ins through the base price of the smoothie. Some of the additives come hidden in the base formulations used in high energy blends added in for athletics. Others are in powdered yogurt formulas or smoothie bases that replace the need for hand dipping frozen products from the freezer cabinet.

For the owner, blend-ins are a financial godsend. The typical food cost of a smoothie is 30% to 40% depending on the quality and quantity of the ingredients. The optional blend-ins rake in 35 to 50 cents each and have a food cost of around 8 cents or less per serving. Hello, did anybody do the math? We’re talking a 10% to 15% food cost, and even better food cost with several blend-ins costing only 3 cents per serving. Now you know why the smoothie operators query their customers if they want extra blenders just about as often as McDonald’s employees ask "and fries?" It will amaze you what a few tasteless blend-ins can do to sweeten your bottom line!

One of the problems with capsules is dispensing. Until a system is developed to dispense one at a time it is necessary to use tongs to pull out the desired dosage. It is just a matter of time until a dispensing unit is developed. I have reviewed all kinds of possible dispensing units from those used in pharmacies to candy dispensing and have yet to find the perfect combination. Two engineering and plastics manufacturing firms are currently in a race to get into the market place with the first easy to use capsule dispenser. Someone will make good money selling them to the miners. If you hear of one please give me a call and I'll write about it in the next article. Capsules are still better than bulk powders for precise portion control, however their inherent high cost can be a big deterrent. Many capsule products can be 300 to 500 percent higher in cost.

Dr. Smoothie® says: "We carry numerous powdered blend-ins. We found that powders give you a much greater profit margin. In testing veggie-caps we found some did not dissolve as quickly as advertised. Call us for pricing.

If you are an owner serving smoothies, you should be selling blend-ins. If you are an individual, they are a great way to enhance your personal health regimen.

Dr. Smoothie® carries a full line of well priced blended ice cream/yogurt powders, carbo enhancers, protein blends, antioxidants, bee-pollen etc. that were designed especially for smoothies. " Now back to the written article!!

There are blend ins that will never be able to be placed in a capsule and will need to be utilized in their bulk form. When purchasing bulk powders they can be acquired as individual ingredients or as blended formulations. The blended formulations are of higher quality and are priced to reflect the additional work needed to create the unique formulations.

Another option not to be overlooked is the sale of nutrient supplements in bottles or individual serving packages. You will be in direct competition with the health food stores but who cares, you are the one with the traffic flow. Why not up sell with products that are shelf stable and can provide additional revenue to your operation. Companies like Smoothie King have made a successful business of blending smoothes and nutritionals along with body building products.

Blend ins are here to stay and as the public becomes more aware of how these powerful additives can benefit their health the demand will increase. For a blend in to be effective they need to be able to be added without altering the flavor, texture or color of the smoothie. However, some blend-ins like multivitamins or wheatgrass will always alter the drink somewhat. The good news is that the customer who orders this blend-in usually knows this beforehand.

A fortified well blended fruit smoothie is a long way from salt pork and beans. Today’s smoothie is just the beginning of what will become a meal replacement for millions of Americans who want to break the traditional fast food habit.

I see the day when smoothies will be made out of both fruits and vegetables and become a part of school lunch programs. The successful operation needs to keep abreast of changes in the blend ins and be sensitive to the changing needs of their customers. If you do not meet those needs your competition will. Gold mining today is done in a big way. The small claims have be consolidated, the original prospectors have gone on because of failure to strike it rich or have sold out. There is still room and time for the smoothie prospector. Staking the right claim means having the right product in the right location at the right time. Once located, your site will become even more valuable to the large companies when the consolidation phase begins.

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