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A message from Dr. Smoothie®: I put together this quick overview for anyone interested in entering the blended drink business of which smoothies are the largest seller. Read through these pages and offload any information you find useful. Then, browse the rest of this website for more information on the exciting and profitable world of blended drinks.

FOR HELP IN DECIDING HOW TO PROCEED in the blended drink business - Go to our Seven Steps to Smoothie making page/form. Fill that form out after reading the smoothie primer and e-mail, fax or call it in to a Dr. Smoothie representative.

TAKE THE EASY ROAD - There are many, many ways to proceed in the blended drink business. Take advantage of Dr. Smoothie's years of experience. We have packages that will get you started with the least capital cost, least amount of homework, time and least hassles. From simple to complex Dr. Smoothie has a solution for you.

This smoothie book is meant to give you a general idea of some of the concepts currently available in the smoothie market place. You will find ideas, recipes, levels of entry to the smoothie business and other information in this packet. If you have further questions please call or e-mail the proper parties and they will help you start a profitable venture for yourself…… The smoothie business !!!

SMOOTHIE DEFINITION - The basic smoothie definition is: A blended drink consisting of fruit juice, whole fruit and ice/water.

WHY THE SMOOTHIE? They taste great and are very nutritious. They are filling, offer a good value, are something new and exciting, are great on hot or cold days and again; they taste great!!!

The basic smoothie is rarely seen anymore. Exotic combinations have evolved to take the place of the basic smoothie: (you don't drive a model T automobile anymore do you?)

The well orchestrated, well thought out and great tasting smoothies have flavor profiles that leave the old style basic smoothie in the antique shop. These are some of the ingredients that can be in a smoothie.

Juice - fresh or frozen or concentrated or powdered

Yogurt/sherbert/ice cream - soft serve or hard scoop or powdered

Fruit - Individually Quick Frozen (I.Q.F.) fruits from around the world or fresh

Supplements - The kind you and I have never heard of !!!

Flavor enhancement powders - To support or cut sweetness and to enhance flavor profile

EVOLUTION OF THE SMOOTHIE BUSINESS - Smoothies have been around for a long long time, just not in your neighborhood and not even in the USA very much. This South American/Latin/Tropical Island beverage is normally fresh squeezed juice combinations.

The USA version incorporates the use of ice. This helps give the drinks its unique appeal and also separates the smoothie from a fruit juice beverage.

The biggest factor to determine the success of the program is taste. These factors are outlined in the sections on water drinks, sugar drinks and quality drinks.

OPENING YOUR SMOOTHIE SHOP - If you think you have thought of everything please visit other pages in this web site, especially the questionnaire. You will see questions you never knew existed. I will summarize only a few here:

DETAILS - DETAILS - The details must be worked out in advance. Such as:

-Menu concept - flavor profiles
-Ingredient determination
-Equipment procurement
-Floor layout - to handle potential large volume while at the same time not overbuilding
-Location, location, location
-Monetary considerations - opening cost - how long should it take - designers -
-Who is my customer - pricing - competition -
-Advertising & marketing to capture your well deserved market share
-Non-food items - discounts
-Water - type of chemicals in it, taste, hardness
-Ice supply, chips, chunks, cubes, soft, hard
-Size of cups, type of cups, imprint or plain
-Organizational chart - key positions - job duties in detail - policy & procedures
-Sales & Expense estimates - cash flow statements
-Secondary source of supply - What if your first distributor runs out or you sell so many smoothies over the weekend you run out on Saturday!!
-Third source of supply - What if they both run out?

HOW MANY SMOOTHIE FLAVORS TO START WITH? - This is one of the factors, you need to decide before opening up. One thing is for sure, you can always add flavors. When you add flavors you can spotlight them as:

SPOTLIGHT FLAVOR OF THE DAY/WEEK and so on. Give a sample. We use 2 oz cups which are enough to get a good taste but not cost you very much. Use your product left in the blender jar for samples. DO NOT let it go to waste. Spur new sales.

PORTION CONTROL - With the pre-blended smoothie the portion control is pretty tight. With the IQF fruits you can employ several strategies.

Weight - You have an electronic scale that you set the jar on, re-zero the scale, then you have a chart that your employee places the ingredients into the jar in that order with a cumulative weight for quickness.

Dipping spoons or ladles - You can use one or two ladles of 2, 3, 4oz or other sizes. If you use one ladle then the instructions are: one ladle of this fruit, two of this etc. Make sure you indicate if the ladles are heaping ladles or level ladles. It makes a BIG difference in your cost and flavors.

DRINK OFFERINGS - You could start with the minimal amount of drink offerings. This helps limit your freezer requirement for the IQF fruits. Strawberry is a must and raspberry is a well received flavor. Tropical flavors are what built the smoothie business. Pineapple and mango are the most popular. Blueberry & blackberry can be used also to create a berry mix of all four berries. See our attached recipe ideas.

AMOUNT OF FRUIT TO USE - Experiment, experiment, experiment. Some people call anything a smoothie. Let the buyer beware. We feel a fruit smoothie should have at least 20% fruit on the low, low end with juice added and up to 40% fruit & fruit juice on the normal high end. These numbers will vary widely depending on margins, type of drink etc., so it is up to the operator.

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