Dr. Smoothie Brands energy station


Energy Station

Dr. Smoothie recommends the following dispenser for use with our Amino Hydrate and Amino Recovery products for optimal serving temperature and ease of use.

The Energy Station by Dr. Smoothie is a refrigerated, self serve concept which provides a profitable way to offer your customers cutting edge sports nutrition with minimal investment. The Energy Station is fueled by two of the newest additions to the Dr. Smoothie line-up:

Amino Hydrate & Amino Repair

Amino Hydrate and Amino Repair are each formulated to work independantly, but when used together, they provide a complete pre and post workout solution. Providing the body with the ultimate in cell and connective tissue hydration, essential amino acids, and a specially developed protein (PeptoPro) for rapid and effecient absorbtion, the Energy Station by Dr. Smoothie is the vessel to provide your customers with the quality products they not only want, but deserve!

The Energy Station Features:

  • Two 2.5 gallon bowls*
  • Faster cleaning - cleans in less than 50% of the time of a traditional dispenser
  • No bowl gasket
  • Breakthrough technology featuring patented Tri-CoolTM evaporator with a large 3-sided cooling surface that refrigerates through the bowl for mess-free operation
  • Effective cooling uses less energy
  • Powerful visual appeal
  • Low aeration magnetic mixing system keeps product mixed without creating unwanted foam
  • Modular construction uses interchangeable components

*can be swapped with a single 5 gallon bowl - call for details

For additional information, or assistance in choosing the proper equipment for your specific needs, please feel free to contact us at 888.466.9941

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