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LEVELS OF PARTICIPATION IN THE SMOOTHIE BUSINESS - We will suggest 5 levels of participation ranging from simple to complex and variations in between.

LEVEL 1 - Additional drink offering - You want to add a smoothie drink to your existing line-up of available drinks in your restaurant, health club, caterer, sandwich shop, kiosk etc. You do not want to make the smoothies the primary reason for coming to your location, but will use them to increase the draw to your location. If you are serving food you may want to offer two sizes, with the smaller size most likely being your biggest seller. After all, how many people can drink a 24oz drink and eat a sandwich? Be ready to split the big drinks into two cups for kids!!(or even the smaller drinks).

Level 1 - Solution 1: Pre-blended smoothie mix - These drinks are quick to make and require only a blender, ice and water with virtually NO training. Shelf stable product means NO FREEZER space is needed.

Level 1 - Solution 2: For high volume operators a granita machine can be used. Just pour in the mix, add water and your machine does the rest. Ice crystal mouthfeel is not as good as a blended product but works good for high volume operations.

LEVEL 2 - Additional drink offering with health supplements/additives. Compete with a smoothie shop (& save big dollars). Use this method in a restaurant of any size, sandwich shop, stand alone kiosk in a mall etc or in a portable cart, health clubs, catering, bowling alleys, sports bars, nightclubs, coffee shops.

You want to generate off hours traffic (1:30 to 5:00pm). You want to be at the forefront of the smoothie industry but do not have the time or money to formulate smoothie mixtures that will keep the customers coming back. For health conscious people, health clubs etc this program is perfect because each drink can be customized by the customer. This gets the customer involved in the making of the drink thereby personalizing the drink to their liking.

Level 2 - Solution 1: Pre-blended smoothie mix with health supplements manufactured specifically for smoothies. These vitamins and additives have been formulated to minimally alter the taste of the smoothie. You would have a list of the additives you want to offer. Each additive can be sold from 15 cents to 50 cents depending on cost and your markup.

Level 2 - Solution 2: For high volume operators a granita machine can be used. Just pour in the mix, add water and your machine does the rest. To add the supplements you must do a quick blending then serve. Do not mix in the additives ahead of time. This method works great because it incorporates the time savings of the granita machine along with the versatility of offering a "custom blended drink" for those customers who want it.

LEVEL 3 - Limited IQF or fresh fruit and juices - You want to use some fruits and maybe some juices or you have a juice dispenser now and want to use it more often. You want to have the show and tell (customer perception) like a dedicated smoothie shop but realize that you are not a full blown smoothie shop.

Level 3 - Solution 1: Utilize a pre-blended product and add an ounce or two of fruit to the pre-blended mixture. This allows you to have fruit, fresh or frozen, showing at your location. You measure the pre-blended smoothie concentrate into the blender, add some fruit/ice/water and you are done.

LEVEL 4 - Full line smoothie shop with smoothies as the main focus - See our consulting and equipment section to enter into this business. It entails a lot of thought and planning to make a good tasting smoothie consistently.

The rewards are great for the successful operator. We can be of help and save you a lot of time, money and energy with our equipment and products.

LEVEL 5 - Full line smoothie shop/juice bar - healthy foods - nutrition focus - This will require the most amount of homework as you are entering into the realm of a health food store's type of clientele. Your clients will come from all walks of life and most will have a good eye for health. These customers will come to your shop because you offer them the finest, most healthy drinks & food available to mankind. You will have the wheat grass juicer, vitamins & mineral sales, books on health and serve very healthy sandwiches, snacks etc.

Level 5 - Solution 1: If you already have a health food store or close to it, and do not have room for a smoothie operation, then you could add smoothies with the pre-blended smoothie mix or dedicate a small space for the moveable smoothie unit to make smoothies in front of the client.

Level 5 - Solution 2: If you have a retail store and do not want to make smoothies you can offer the pre-blended smoothies for retail sale. The bottle is available retail ready. This will make you a nice profit on repeat sales because your client will save money and be able to make the smoothie in the comfort of their own home.

RECIPES - The following recipes have been included to give you an idea of some tasty combinations. Each smoothie shop has its own specially created flavor profiles that make it unique.

A LITTLE HINT - Always try something new. What sells? Something new!! Tell your customers about a new flavor, new drink or new additive. SAMPLES sell products. Do not be afraid to make up your new flavors and give out a small 1/2 ounce sample to give them a little taste.


** To all the following please add a juice of your choice, a syrup to sweeten and flavor the drink further and any supplements. Adding yogurt is a very good addition to almost every drink. I make the assumption that you will add at least a vanilla yogurt to almost every drink. Sherbets can give you the added sweet zing you may need. If banana is not mentioned below it can be added to virtually any smoothie. Only add a little bit though as banana has a very strong flavor and will quickly overpower the drink.

-Strawberry, banana, mango, pineapple
-Strawberry, pineapple
-Mango, pineapple
-Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry
-Papaya, pineapple
-Papaya, pineapple, orange juice
-Banana, strawberry, frozen yogurt
-Raspberry, blueberries, pineapple, passion fruit, frozen yogurt
-Banana, oranges frozen yogurt
-Berry blends of all kinds

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