Chai drink


Cafe Essentials Chai is flavorful, rich and has a creamy mouthfeel that sets this beverage apart from any other. Make this product with water only and you will think you are consuming a milk and cream based product.


This medium spiced chai is a perfect balance of spices blended in a creamy base with black tea and a touch of honey. It's milky, creamy and rich with plenty of spices left in the bottom of the drink so you know you got the real deal, not some artificially flavored whatever. Make in water, not milk and you will be surprised at the full and rich creamy tones. Quite exceptional.


Intoxicating spices from the Middle East, this Ginger Spiced Chai is vibrant, exploding with genuine ginger, not ginger flavor. An irresistible taste that will please any ginger connoisseur.


This chai is smooth and creamy with vanilla tones and wholesome honey with a hint of spice for those who enjoy a mellow chai experience.

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