hot and cold specialty drinks


Reaching across the world to bring exotic taste pleasures to your customers, the Cafe Essentials hot & cold specialty beverage lineup delivers bold taste that is uncomparable. You will enjoy these greatly!


This delightful pairing of light, tart red apple with a wave of soothing chai spices is the perfect fit for your seasonal beverage offerings. Features a pop of red apple up front that carries all the way through from start to finish, with the perfect amount of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Prepare it with water or your choice of milk.


Cafe Essentials Caramel offers balanced portions of caramelized brown sugar, buttery toffee and rich cream that all go in to making this a uniquely well-rounded caramel sensation. This decadently rich treat is perfect for exciting and inventive recipes. Add to brewed coffee or espresso, or indulge in new creations only possible in the world of caramel!


You’ll be amazed at how we’ve captured the ultimate cinnamon roll experience. With an inviting aroma, this fresh doughy roll is saturated with baked-in cinnamon and a deliciously gooey glaze. This Cafe Essentials blend contains no trans-fats or hydrogenated oils. Enjoy it plain as a decadent treat or with espresso and milk as a distinctive latte.


Rich and chocolaty, with cooling peppermint and decadent Guittard® semi-sweet chocolate chips. It literally tastes like rich chocolate mint chip ice cream as a frappe, but can be prepared as a hot beverage with a minty-cool component that will soothe your soul.


Authentic rich taste with simmered rice, cinnamon bark and a touch of vanilla. This Latin trademark beverage will fit in nicely among your standard coffeehouse offerings, but has the potential to offer much more. Prepare it as a frappe, hot beverage or as a traditional-style iced agua fresca.


Combines two all time favorites to make a third favorite with deep caramels, chocolate and nice coffee note all set in a rich dairy base. Pick your favorite taste profile by making in either water or milk.


The way it should taste. Keebler® chocolate cookies jump out and then blend right into the rich vanilla ice cream base. Most people go for Seconds it’s so good. If you have tried other products, give this a shot, it truly is authentic.


The classic Mint Chip ice cream restated into a refreshingly delicious combination of cool mint with Guittard® milk chocolate bits and a touch of Matcha green tea. No artificial colors here. When made hot this ultra-creamy rich beverage leaves a wonderful surprise for your last sip…lots of melted chocolate YUM!!


Experience this unique fresh pumpkin spice including the warmth of cinnamon and clove nestled in a creamy base. This heartwarming blend’s silky texture and pop of warming spices makes it perfect for fall. Prepare with water or your choice of milk. It’s also perfect for recreating all-time coffeehouse favorites using brewed coffee or espresso. Keep this autumn warm, comforting and inviting with Cafe Essentials Pumpkin Spice.


Strong, in your face dark roast Colombian coffee and creamy vanilla is perfect as a blended iced latte, served over ice, or as a base to add flavored syrups to.

CARAMEL "Salted Caramel"

Sorry, but we have to say it...this is the only Caramel in the market that tastes like a rich caramel chew instead of artificial flavor.

A nice strong caramel melts into a rich dairy profile creating a dual taste sensation that sets our Caramel apart. Savor the ultimate experience. Serve hot, blended or over ice. Make with milk, yogurt lovers or vanilla cream for an ultra rich caramel ice cream. Serve blended or hot.


This Vanilla Latte is smooth, rich and laced with light buttery custard. Perfectly balanced coffee, milky dairy and vanilla create a timeless, old-world experience. Serve hot, blended or over ice.


Savor a taste from Japan with Cafe Essentials authentic Matcha Green Tea Latte. Created for people who really know what matcha tastes like. If you are looking for the "real thing," then try our matcha that we added into a milky, creamy vanilla base. This delicious taste delivers 425mg polyphenols in every 12 oz beverage. (FYI 425mg is a LOT!) Serve hot, blended or over ice.


Why tease yourself with a little toffee when you can get a Whole Lotta Toffee? Cafe Essentials has taken toffee beverages to a new level with this creamy blend chock full of Skor® toffee bits. This authentic, rich creamy profile is taking the country by storm. Serve hot, blended or over ice.

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