Hot and cold mocha drink


Taste tests have proved that Cafe Essentials mocha is the only product in the marketplace that can be legitimately made with water instead of milk and still exhibit a full, rich milk based taste profile. If you do make our mochas with milk, they are ULTRA-decadent and ice creamy!


A high-octane mocha with indulgent Guittard® semi-sweet chocolate chips. This strong roast coffee and cocoa pairing are pushed to the limit with added sweet bits of chocolate throughout. A “must have” for coffee and chocolate enthusiasts


This Kona-style mocha features an up-front full-bodied roast coffee with just enough rich cocoa to round out your island experience. Just one sip will have you saying “Mahalo!”


Intense mega-Ghirardelli® brand cocoa, with strong coffee in a creamy base, gives your customers a big flavor impact.


As the names says, this is a tasty milk chocolate style frappé. Reminiscent of rich chocolate milk, but better. Use as a base to add chocolate, espresso, coffee, or as a tasty milk chocolate mocha. This versatile blend is sure to satisfy. Almost zero coffee in this blend, so it is kid-friendly.


Dark Ghirardelli® brand cocoa, and two coffee varieties in a less sweet base lets this outstanding cocoa stand out. This is your classic darker chocolate with a touch of coffee taste profile. Use as-is or get your espresso shots ready.


Ghirardelli® brand cocoa and Columbian coffee combines with rich & creamy dairy notes for a unique, well-rounded taste sensation. Creamy dairy, light cocoa caramel notes with coffee background. Very unique.

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