Dr. Smoothie Brands Point of Sale


Café Essentials products in general have a strong and distinct taste profile that is winning over converts daily from the competition. Our price points are considerably lower, and our products are more concentrated, thus offering the shop owner the additional profits they seek. Our marketing is top notch. The support and training is second to none, check out our website at www.cafeessentials.com and see our training.

If staying ahead of the curve, and helping your customer succeed is something you value, then now is the time to introduce Café Essentials to your customers.

Are there any other great selling points I should know of?

How about this one. Café Essentials is designed to deliver a great tasting beverage when made with water. Most companies’ drinks taste way too watery when made with water. Café Essentials are designed to be made with water only. This saves on the milk cost.

If you make Café Essentials with milk, you get an ultra-decadent taste profile. You can use water, 50/50 water and milk, non-fat milk etc to get the profile you desire.

Questions and Answers:

When will products be available in the bags?

Products are available now.

When will products stop being available in jars?

Short answer: When we run out of jars, some will run out fast, others a little slower.

Long answer: We will be trying to establish a timeline for each product so you know what is in stock in jars and what is not. Each product may vary a little, but we will be trying to set a final date to order certain products. If you want or need jars, order them now.

What should I tell my customers?

We have prepared a Q&A for you to forward to your customers.

What is the price differential between jars and bags?

There is no price differential. The cost per pound and the per drink cost is exactly the same for product purchased in jars or bags. This makes the transition much easier as there is no advantage or disadvantage to purchase one versus the other.

Why is Café Essentials making this change?

For several reasons. Our competition is in bags so that means our customer base is used to working with bags and seeing bags. The bags allow for a smaller case size, less packaging weight, smaller pallet sizes etc. It was also time for a new “look” for this line so here it is!!

What do the bags and cartons look like?

We designed the “look” as the Italian Tuscan villa color scheme with brown and gold’ish tones that are so prevalent in coffeehouses. The symbol and scroll type give the high-end appearance that matches the product quality & taste.

Do scoops come in the bags or in the cases?

No scoops will be in the bags or cases. The proper scoop to use is outlined in the scoopology system.

If customers are used to the jars, what will they pour the bags into?

For current jar customers, tell them to keep the jars and reuse them. Most customers who like the jars want to keep using them, so reusing the jar is the perfect solution.

What other solutions do you have to pour product into?

We have found that most customers already have a dispensing system. It may be jars, tubs, clear glass containers, Tupperware or other methods. For those customers who do not have a system in place, or want to change to our “look”, Café Essentials will offer a re-usable tub.

What about these tubs design?

We chose a rectangular designed tub that cost twice as much as round because we want our customers to use and re-use the tubs because they will be attractive, practical, space saving versus round, easy to get your hand into, are stackable and hold about 1 ¼ to 1 ½ 3.5 pound bags.

What about product names on the tubs?

For customers who have a dispensing system, or for customers using our tubs we have a sheet that has the product names on it. You cut out the name and stick in on the Café Essentials sticker. This CE sticker is placed on the front of the tub or container and imparts that rich Italian Tuscan villa look and color scheme that is common in coffee shops.

As a distributor, how do I get these tubs?

Place an order on our order form for these tubs.

How many can we order?

Only order what you need please. These tubs are expensive. Do not hand them out without some due diligence questions to the customer. If a customer carries five flavors, there is no need to send them 8 tubs, they only need five. If they break a lid, just send them a lid, not the whole container. Thank you for your help!!

Please help contain cost so we can offer these tubs for free. The price structure of our products is 15% to 50% less than the competition. Our competitors have built in their price structure the cost of these tubs. We have not. So please make sure the customer is actually going to use the tubs as many already have their own system. However, if a customer wants to change to our system and our brand/look that is a big YES!!

Just like all manufacturers do, we also monitor requests for samples, pos, tubs and scoops for reasonability against case sales.

What about scoops?

Use the new scoopology system and order a reasonable amount of scoops on your pallet orders to assure ease of training with your new or existing Café Essentials customers.