Dr. Smoothie Brands Point of Sale


Questions and Answers:

How will the scoop system be administered?

Order your scoops when you order a new Café Essentials flavor. You will need one scoop per flavor. Keep the scoop in your dispensing tub. Currently there are 5 scoop sizes. Go to our web site to view the proper sizes for each flavor.

How many scoops should I order?

You need one scoop per dispensing tub. Keep the scoops. Clean them once every week or so or as they get soiled.

Will scoops come in the 3.5 bags or cases?

No scoops will be placed in the bags, nor will any scoops be placed in the 17.5 lb cases of product.

What about scoops in the 6.5 lb jars?

70cc scoops will continue to be placed in the 6.5 lb jars. Jars are being discontinued shortly.


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