Dr. Smoothie Brands Point of Sale


Dr. Smoothie opens new doors with a healthy approach to specialty beverages!

Because of the health driven benefits of Dr. Smoothie, you find our products sold in a wide variety of venues. Here are some examples of locations where Dr. Smoothie products are a proven success:


  • Broad spectrum of specialty coffee beverages
  • Strong brand name recognition
  • Complete specialty beverage solutions, from product to menu boards and logo items.
  • Eye-catching point of sale materials

Universities and Schools

  • 100% Crushed™ Fruit Smoothie Concentrates meet the requirements of Senate Bill(s) SB12, SB 965 and SB 677, mandating the banishment of soft drinks and the implementation of healthy beverages in schools
  • Perfect for the student union and on campus kiosks!
  • Captive audience - ideal for "grab & go" in between classes
  • College students, high school and middle school students love smoothies

Hospitals/Wellness Centers

  • Dr. Smoothie! High brand name recognition
  • Coffee kiosk -big exposure and big business!
  • Hospital cafeterias. Granita machines are popular here
  • Maternity wards -many hospitals serve smoothies to new mothers

Restaurants/Fine Dining

  • Dr. Smoothie is more than just a smoothie concentrate! Sell fruit purees to the chef for full menu items.
  • Check out our full menu recipes!
    ~Salad dressings
    ~Dipping sauces and BBQ sauces
    ~Marinades for meat, seafood and poultry
    ~Glazes for seafood and chicken
    ~Pancakes, waffles and French toast

Hotels and Resorts

  • Sell Dr. Smoothie products to numerous locations on one property!
    ~Banquet functions
    ~Lobby bar
    ~Room service
    ~Restaurant (s)
    ~Cocktail lounge
    ~Poolside bar
    ~Lobby shop for Bio Bar sales

Chain accounts

  • Sell entire product line to chain accounts not currently selling smoothies.
  • Bring current menus up to date with a healthy beverage alternative to soft drinks.
  • Fill down time hours - promote a smoothie "happy hour"!
  • Warm and cold weather opportunities
  • Balanced portfolio
  • Chain accounts are great referrals for future business opportunities

Business and Industry

  • Corporate cafeterias
  • Guaranteed customers/large captive audience
  • Offer them something unique and healthful
  • Smoothies are a fast and nutritious meal to go

Ice-cream Shops

Offer customers a non-fat, low calorie and lactose free alternative to ice cream

  • Attract health-driven consumers
  • Promote a healthier image and menu selection

Health and fitness centers

  • High volume accounts with health minded consumers
  • Long hours of operation = more opportunities to sell smoothies
  • Post workout drinks are standard in the industry
  • Athletes are looking for healthy "power shakes"
  • Offer our full line of nutritional blend-ins (supports)

Bakeries, Bagel Shops and Pretzel Shops

  • An ideal combination of food and drink
  • Fills down time hours such as mid afternoons
  • Popular with children and adults alike
  • Creates a healthier image and atmosphere

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