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Get Your Employees Involved In Your Smoothies!

We all know that enthusiasm and excitement is contagious. Let's not forget that smoothies are "fun". They have that feel of a tropical getaway, vacations, leisure time and just plain fun. Design your smoothie program around these general ideas and get your employees involved. For example, let's take menu planning...

Pick A Theme

There are a million and one ideas for smoothie names. Here are just a few:

  • Tropical - Choose islands in the Caribbean, Hawaiian names, tropical birds or flowers.
  • Beaches - Name your drinks after famous beaches. Think of beach items such as "Cabana Cooler"!
  • Cities - Famous cities from around the world.
  • Movie Stars/Movies - If a smoothie has 3 types of fruit in it, name it "The Three Stooges".
  • Music Theme/Songs - How about "Strawberry Fields" or "Mango Tango"?

We're sure you get the idea by now. Have some fun with this part of starting up your smoothie program and get your employees to participate. Hold a contest for your staff to come up with names for your smoothies. The winner receives lunch for two! Too many suggestions? Keep all ideas in a file and use these recipes and names for a smoothie of the day or smoothie of the week. Set aside a separate group for holiday promotions.

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