Dr. Smoothie Brands Point of Sale


Now that you have made your product decisions, it is time to start with the basics of Marketing.


An excellent tool to bring in customers off the street.

Window and Door Signs

These will entice the customer at the point of entry. It is important to change out signs when they get faded or torn.

Posters and Counter Cards

Well placed posters reinforce the customers desire to purchase a smoothie

Employee Buttons

A basic tool for suggestive selling. "Ask me about today's "power smoothie" is the perfect hook to promote your smoothie with Dr. Smoothie's line of Smoothie-Ceuticals.

Frequent Buyer Cards

A great way to encourage your regular customers to come in more often is to give them something free after several purchases. Try a "Buy 9, get 1 Free" promotion. This is a cost effective and simple way to drive traffic through the door.

Hand Out Samples and Plenty of Them

It is a proven fact that the more samples you hand out, the more smoothies you will sell. Peak hours are the best time to sample smoothies and don't forget to ask for an order when the customer is at the counter.


Pass out Dr. Smoothie "bucks" when you start up your smoothie program.

Neighboring Merchant Discount

A successful smoothie operation at the Las Vegas airport reported that over 30% of their smoothies are sold to airport employees. Neighbors make great customers. Invite local businesses in for a "Merchants Discount Day". By offering a 10 or 15% discount, you will be practicing good business, good will and gain new business.

Cross Market With Local Merchants

Work out a two-way referral system with local fitness centers, tennis club or other health oriented businesses. This is a great opportunity to increase sales and receive some free advertising.

High Schools and Universities

Students love smoothies because they are a quick meal on the go. Pass out coupons and samples in places where students congregate.

Fund Raisers

Smoothies are the perfect alternative to cookies, donuts and other unhealthy foods. Show your local schools and churches the profitability of selling a healthy smoothie.

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