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The explosive, full rich flavors of Dr. Smoothie will excite and tantalize your taste buds. Our special blends will amaze you taste after taste. You will not be able to stop!!

Dr. Smoothie is made with only the highest quality, vine ripened fruit purees available from around the world. The full nutritional value and rich taste profile of fruit is not realized unless it is vine ripened.

As you know, frozen and fresh fruits are picked when they are not ripe. Ever seen and tasted green bananas? Ever tasted a vine ripened banana? Quite a difference.

Features and Benefits

  • Freshest tasting smoothies in the market. We go head to head with traditional smoothie shops and WIN in taste tests
  • SHELF STABLE, no refrigeration or freezing needed (until opened)
  • NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • NO fat
  • Non-Dairy, Lactose Free
  • Vitamin and mineral fortified
  • Superior nutritional content
  • More fruit and juice than most smoothies
  • Easy to prepare – just add ice and water

The ultimate in convenience

  • No juice to add
  • No extra fruit to add

Superior nutritional content

Makes outstanding ‘signature’ desserts – add your Own flavors of ice cream or yogurt

No experience necessary in blended drinks. We will teach you how!

Multiple serving occasions makes Dr. Smoothie an outstanding menu-expansion product

  • Creates additional traffic during slow hours
  • Fortified smoothies make great meal replacements.
  • Perfect for breakfast programs
  • Create great frozen cocktails starting with Dr. Smoothie

Terrific profit opportunity

  • Virtually no capital expense.
  • Works great in blenders, granita machines and frozen cocktail machines.
  • Operator profit margins can top 70% or more!

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